Posted by: shwu | January 8, 2009

All workshop materials now available!

See the Media & downloads page for links to the live (now recorded) webcast, all presentation slides, and the FriendFeed discussion room.

Unfortunately Kaitlin is unable to make the workshop but we will be using the themes from her presentation to kick off the discussion session. You can find a version of her presentation here in pdf format. It is quite a big file (6.9Mb) but it’s worth the wait.

Posted by: shwu | January 5, 2009

Keynote abstract and live webcast

Check out the abstract for Phil Bourne’s keynote: “One man’s perspective on Open Science.”

We’ll be live webcasting as far as the network allows on Mogulus. Check out the Media & downloads page periodically as we add more materials related to the workshop.

And see everyone in 9 hours!

Posted by: shwu | January 4, 2009

Final workshop schedule

We’ve finally worked out the schedule and we’re happy to announce that we have a keynote speaker again! Phil Bourne, a founding Editor-in-Chief of PLoS Computational Biology and founder of the innovative science video site SciVee, is no stranger to openness and indeed is “committed to furthering the free dissemination of science through new models of publishing and better integration and subsequent dissemination of data and results which as far as possible should be freely available to all”.


9:00AM – Workshop welcome and introduction
9:10AM – Keynote: Phil Bourne – TBA
9:40AM – David de Roure – The MyExperiment approach to Open Science
10:00AM – Chang Feng Quo – Community annotation in translational bioinformatics: Lessons from Wikipedia
10:15AM – Nigam Shah – How bio-ontologies enable open science
10:35AM – Heather Piwowar – Measuring the adoption of open science
11:00AM – (break)
11:05AM – Panel discussion or breakout sessions
12:00PM – Wrap up and concluding remarks

The full conference schedule is also available (PDF).

It’s definitely going to be an exciting session! Make sure to see the previous post for links to background reading and related activities.

Posted by: shwu | January 2, 2009

Last minute updates and information

The week before the conference has definitely been exciting. Some last minute cancellations and a potential addition to the speakers, plus changes to existing talk times. So the schedule is likely to change, but for now, here is a tentative updated schedule:

9:00AM – Workshop welcome and introduction
9:15AM – David de Roure – The MyExperiment approach to Open Science
9:35AM – Chang Feng Quo – Community annotation in translational bioinformatics: Lessons from Wikipedia
9:50AM – Nigam Shah – How bio-ontologies enable open science
10:05AM – Heather Piwowar – Measuring the adoption of open science
10:25AM – Panel discussion or break out sessions
11:50AM – Wrap up and concluding remarks

The aspects that could change are the addition of a new keynote to replace Jon Eisen, who unfortunately can no longer make it (in which case all times starting with David de Roure will be shifted back 30 min), or individual talks may increase in length 5-10 min.

For those attending the workshop, we encourage you to review some of the recent developments in open science and come with questions or comments for discussion. Below are some useful links for exploring open science topics:

Science 2.0 FriendFeed room
Corpus callosum: Open science writings round up
The role of wikis in scholarly communication – Daniel Mietchen on WAYS
Principles for Open Science from Science Commons
The “The Future of Science is Open” series by Bill Hooker, parts 1 (Open Access), 2 (Open Science), and 3 (an Open Science world).

There is also a PSB 2009 FriendFeed room for conference participants and interested observers to interact, record, and discuss conference events.

Posted by: shwu | November 4, 2008

Check out confirmed posters

As we head into the final months before the workshop, be sure to let us know if you will be presenting a poster relevant to the session! We’ve already received several confirmed abstracts, which you can view on the posters page.

Looking forward to seeing everyone in January!

Posted by: shwu | October 1, 2008

Funding available for travel awards

We’re ecstatic to be able to offer travel support to a limited number of workshop participants! This is made possible through a generous grant from Burroughs Wellcome Fund. Details on how to apply for travel support can be found on the participation page. The deadline to apply is Oct 24, and we will send out award notices on Oct 29.

Posted by: shwu | September 15, 2008

Registration deadline, poster clarifications, and updates

With just a few months left until the workshop, we’re starting to ramp up! We’ve got a great program planned and the rest of the conference should be very interesting as well.

First, some housekeeping.

All speakers should register for the conference by September 17 so that we can notify the conference organizers with a confirmed list. There is only one registration, which includes all PSB events; go to the PSB website to register, and then please email the workshop co-chairs with your confirmation. There is no deadline for registration if you are not presenting, but note that the early registration deadline is October 31.

Second, a clarification about posters: The initial deadline for posters listed on our call for participation was September 12. This was to gauge the level of interest early for planning purposes. You can, however, still submit posters, and we encourage you to do so. There is no separate submission process for the workshop – just use the PSB abstract submission page to submit your poster. Note that you must register for the conference before you can submit an abstract. Once you’ve submitted your abstract, please email the co-chairs with the details of your poster so that we can include it on the website.

Third, some updates.

  • Although the workshop session will not be published in the conference proceedings, we will be allotted 5 pages for a workshop introduction, due September 21, which will be included in the proceedings. If you have any specific thoughts on what should be included in this, please email the co-chairs by September 18. We may make this available on Google Docs for feedback prior to the submission deadline, depending on time constraints. We will try to make the final version available on Nature Precedings, pending PSB approval.
  • We will have a 20 minute slot during the regular sessions to provide a summary and highlights of our workshop to the rest of the conference. We’re not sure when in the schedule this will be yet, but we expect to craft the talk somewhat interactively with the workshop participants as time allows, using potentially some of the following: comments on microblogging threads, comments on regular blog threads, a shared Google Doc, informal brainstorming or planning sessions, or even more casual discussions at various social venues.

Feel free to contact the co-chairs with any questions or comments about the workshop! For questions or information about the general conference, you should contact the PSB organizer.

It’s about time we got something up! We’re planning on making the workshop as transparent and accessible as possible, so be sure to check back here for updates as we get closer to the date of the workshop, and especially during the workshop. As you can see from the tabs at the top, we hope to include photos, slides, and video for the talks in addition to the usual talk abstracts. We’ve also put up some basic information about our speakers, which will definitely be elaborated.

To accompany all of those goodies, we’ll be using this space to provide quick blog posts and write-ups of various events in as timely a fashion as we can, with link outs to FriendFeed or other discussion fora as appropriate. The more coverage we have, the better, so if you are attending the workshop and would like to contribute here, just contact us! Also, it would be great to have a list of participants so that we can make the workshop as interactive as possible. If you don’t mind your name and basic info (affiliation, relevant websites or blogs, etc) being listed here, please also contact us.