Posted by: shwu | January 2, 2009

Last minute updates and information

The week before the conference has definitely been exciting. Some last minute cancellations and a potential addition to the speakers, plus changes to existing talk times. So the schedule is likely to change, but for now, here is a tentative updated schedule:

9:00AM – Workshop welcome and introduction
9:15AM – David de Roure – The MyExperiment approach to Open Science
9:35AM – Chang Feng Quo – Community annotation in translational bioinformatics: Lessons from Wikipedia
9:50AM – Nigam Shah – How bio-ontologies enable open science
10:05AM – Heather Piwowar – Measuring the adoption of open science
10:25AM – Panel discussion or break out sessions
11:50AM – Wrap up and concluding remarks

The aspects that could change are the addition of a new keynote to replace Jon Eisen, who unfortunately can no longer make it (in which case all times starting with David de Roure will be shifted back 30 min), or individual talks may increase in length 5-10 min.

For those attending the workshop, we encourage you to review some of the recent developments in open science and come with questions or comments for discussion. Below are some useful links for exploring open science topics:

Science 2.0 FriendFeed room
Corpus callosum: Open science writings round up
The role of wikis in scholarly communication – Daniel Mietchen on WAYS
Principles for Open Science from Science Commons
The “The Future of Science is Open” series by Bill Hooker, parts 1 (Open Access), 2 (Open Science), and 3 (an Open Science world).

There is also a PSB 2009 FriendFeed room for conference participants and interested observers to interact, record, and discuss conference events.



  1. As a PSB organizer, I am happy that Shirley is ushering the conference into the next era of science. I will try to mention this feed during the intro comments at the beginning of the conference.

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