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One Person’s Perspective on Open Science

Phil Bourne
University of California – San Diego

As a practicing scientist in a School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences it might seem a little strange to have part of one’s research group working in the area of “scholarly communication.”  When asked why, I tell those perplexed that, well there is all this potential out there and not that many seem to be doing much about it. When pressed further, for me it comes down to changing legalities (copyrights etc.) which then precipitate changes to the STM publishing paradigm, and present opportunities to merge open data, open source software and open access publications into a new way to disseminate, learn and collaborate. More pragmatically it leads to a new relationship between scientists (data and knowledge producers), publishers (disseminators), database providers (content providers) and students of science (consumers with new expectations). I will illustrate these new relationships using examples from our own work with rich content (www.scivee.tv) and literature and database integration (biolit.ucsd.edu). The following references summarize some of this work:

P.E. Bourne and J.L. Fink 2008 I am Not a Scientist I am a Number PLoS Comp. Biol. (Perspective),4(12):e1000247 [PDF]
J.L.Fink, S. Kushch, P. Williams & P.E.Bourne 2008 BioLit: Integrating Biological Literature with Databases NAR 36(S2) W385-389 [PDF]
P.E.Bourne, J.L.Fink, M.Gerstein 2008 Open Access: Taking Full Advantage of the Content PLoS Comp. Biol. (Editorial) 4(3) e1000037 [PDF]
J.L. Fink and P.E.Bourne 2007 Reinventing Scholarly Communication for the Electronic Age. CT Watch, 3(3) 26-31 [HTML]
P.E. Bourne 2005 In the Future will a Biological Database Really be Different from a Biological Journal? PLoS Comp. Biol. 1(3) e34 [PDF]

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  1. […] Abstracts :: Phil Bourne […]

  2. Is there any chance Scivee would adopt open access, or perhaps offer licensing options for uploads? The website has lots of great content, it would be exciting to have the opportunity to share it more 🙂

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